Fort Pickens National Park

Later in the day, after a little exploring in Pensacola, Clara and I decided to head to the end of the peninsula and visit Fort Pickens National Park.  Fort Pickens is the largest of four forts, built to defend Pensacola Bay, and it’s Navy yard.  Construction began in 1829 and lasted a total of five years.

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Much of the fort and its quarters remains along with many of the defense batteries.  Lots of exploring to be done here.  Clara and I spent the remainder of the day in and out of bunkers, batteries and the fort itself.  There is also a great interpretive center right at the entrance to the fort, and a museum on the property.

Pensacola Beaches

Clara and I left the hotel this morning and made our way down to the beach. I had never seen the Florida coastline until now. It is really quite a shock seeing the difference a few hundred miles can make in the beauty of the Gulf and its beaches. The beaches here are sparkling white and the water is a beautiful, transparent blue/green. We found a large grass covered dune on the beach on which a cross had been erected. My Mother has a real thing for crosses, so we knew we needed a few shots of it. One of those ended up as a framed print given to my Mother on Mother’s Day.

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